How to Sew Cording Into a Pillow Cover

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This is how to sew cording into a pillow cover.

If you want to know how to sew cording into a pillow cover, this video tutorial is for you! Anyone can learn to stitch a straight line and anyone can learn to sew a pillow, but add a couple of simple techniques and you have a DESIGNER corded throw pillow! This is also one of the least expensive projects you can do to completely change the look of your furnishings and stay up to date with the latest color trends. There are so many beautiful upholstery fabrics on the market that you’ll want to make dozens of pillows with all the choices available.

There are so many options for a pillow cover!

A helpful way to start the process is to choose the decorative cording first. If you don’t want to custom order the trim (at a premium price), then you will be limited to what your local fabric store has on hand. I’m usually impatient if I have to order and then wait for the pillow cording to arrive. Your local fabric store will carry a variety of choices in all the basic colorways so you will be able to find something that complements your fabric choice perfectly. Fortunately, mine did too!

You can learn how to sew cording like a pro.

The addition of a corded throw pillow is a great way to update the look of upholstered furniture. I’m constantly making gems like these because they are quick and easy to make. I especially like to place new pillows on top of my family room sectional sofa so that I can keep my decor fresh looking. This project may even buy you time between sofa purchases. Tackling this project can save you thousands on new upholstered pieces for your home simply by changing the focus to the corded pillow covers instead of the furniture.

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