How to Level an Uneven Floor Surface

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You can now learn how to level an uneven floor surface.

If you notice obvious divots, graffiti, cracks or slopes in your sub floor, I will show you how to level an uneven floor surface. It is necessary to take care of these construction issues prior to the installation of any flooring so that the finished product is level.  If your sub floor has larger construction issues, it may be necessary to use floor jacks underneath the floor joists. This video does not address larger construction issues but focuses instead, on smaller ones. If you are trying to mate two different surfaces together (where there may be a small difference between the two levels) this is the correct video for your situation.

An uneven floor surface can lead to installation problems.

This can lead to the warping of wood, the cracking of tile or the flexing of vinyl. This solution can be the most important part of the project. Please be mindful of the condition of your sub floor prior to starting work.

Even though Kensie kitty is stealing the show in this video, this really is all about fixing issues with with any uneven sub floor. She’s a bit distracting – in a good way! You won’t be climbing the walls (like she is) trying to figure out how to solve this problem. You can fix concrete, plywood or cement board and the result will always be a perfectly level surface. I am using a great product from my local big box store. It requires only a little bit of surface preparation and some elbow grease to get the job done. Also, it’s the least expensive item you will purchase to get the job done.

Even Kensie is curious to learn how to level an uneven floor surface.

So, we have a date with a bag of floor leveler!

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