Make the Best Board Mounted Empire Swag Valance

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Make the best board mounted Empire Swag valance for your window.

I know that you can purchase versions of these fussy window treatments but wouldn’t you like to know how to make the best board mounted empire swag valance for your home? I will take you through all aspects of this project so that you don’t have to settle for a mass produced valance anymore. You can have a truly custom, well made treatment that fits your window dimensions perfectly and won’t break the bank.

Is this fussy little Empire swag valance worth the effort?

When I was fabricating window treatments for my design business, I was selling similar treatments for about $500.00 per window. So, yes – it’s worth every minute of time you put into making these for yourself. Why pay someone else to make these for you? I can break the process down in to small, understandable segments that are easy to follow. Really!  I won’t let you down and leave you sitting with an unfinished project. You can absolutely do this!

Making empire swags may be a bit more time consuming than most window treatments but the time that you put into this project will pay off for years to come. If you choose a drapery fabric that is neutral, it can easily be incorporated into many different color palettes. By going neutral on your windows, you are assured that your fabric choice will blend with any future decor changes. The traditional style of an empire swag valance will never go out of fashion.

The best board mounted window treatment style.

Best yet, you can adjust your pattern from a single swag to multiple swags.  Just choose the correct supplies and the results will pay off.  You can surprise yourself by creating this beautiful topper with my help! All you have to do is watch…

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