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How to Install Cabinet Knobs the Right Way

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Learn how to install cabinet knobs the right way.

I will show you how to install cabinet knobs the right way in this video tutorial. If you install cabinet knobs in the wrong locations on your cabinets, the end result may make you unhappy. The improper location of knobs can make an entire room look ‘off’. You may not be able to recognize the problem right away but you will after viewing this video.  I see them installed in the wrong location all the time. So, let’s talk about cabinet knobs, their placement and how to install them properly. Anyone can do this correctly.

What if I install cabinet knobs wrong?

If you inherit this problem as a result of a new home purchase, you can always fill the existing knob holes with blend-fil and start over! This product will allow you to match your current cabinet stain and blend in seamlessly with your cabinet doors. It’s very easy to apply to apply to cabinetry, holds up to abuse, and you will be happy with the results. Best yet, it will be the most inexpensive purchase associated with the job.

Let’s fix the problem, the right way!

I will take you through my guidelines for locating the perfect spot for your new knobs. You can use this method on cabinet doors and drawers throughout your home, with perfect results every time. This is a simple process that only requires basic tools that you probably already have in your tool box. This is a project that is quick and easy. It has the ability to completely transform your space too! If you choose new knobs in a different finish, you can help to update and modernize a tired looking space. Who knew that the placement or replacement of cabinet knobs had the ability to do all that?

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