How to Reupholster or Recover Outdoor Patio Cushions

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I will teach you how to reupholster or recover outdoor patio cushions.

If your patio set is looking tired, I will show you how to reupholster or recover outdoor patio cushions. After viewing this video, you will have the ability to fix your sagging cushions and dirty fabric too! So, what equipment will you need? This is NOT a no-sew project. This is a professional solution for your problem. It’s helpful to have a heavy duty sewing machine instead of a household version but it’s not necessary to complete this project. If you can’t find replacement cushions for your patio set, this is your only solution!

Can you really do this?

Yes, you must remove the old fabric from your existing cushions. I know that sounds daunting to most of you but I will show you how easy it is to make patterns from your existing upholstery.  A few yards of UV protected fabric will ensure that your replacement fabric will last over many yaers of use. If your cushions are sagging, I will show you a method for plumping them up. This may be your only option to keep the existing furniture that you currently have. Most patio sets have odd size and shape cushions, making it impossible to simply run to the store and purchase replacements. If you have basic sewing skills, I will show you tips and tricks for turning difficult looking areas of the project into easy and manageable pieces.

Recover outdoor patio cushions if you can’t find replacements.

Of course! If you approach this one small step at a time, you will surprise yourself how easy this is to do. When you have successfully completed this project, you can paint your patio furniture to match the new fabric. You can really make your outdoor patio furniture look and feel brand new again!

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