2 Ideas to Makeover an Ugly Flagstone Patio Surface

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Here are 2 ideas to makeover an ugly flagstone patio surface.

My 2 ideas to makeover an ugly flagstone patio surface will astound you! I have a flagstone patio in my front yard that is dilapidated. My home came to me with the patio in this condition. I live in the Northern half of the United States, where we see ice and snow during the winter months. That ice and snow has slowly been eroding the flagstone and heaving them up, leaving an uneven surface. The patio is treacherous to walk on an leaves a terrible first impression for guests.

I have an ugly flagstone patio!

I put up with this eyesore for too long. Many of us have projects that we’d rather ignore. The work may seem overwhelming but you can complete a project like this in a weekend. I have a lot of options. I can replace the surface with brick or concrete but I never sit in my front yard. Those options are a waste of time and money for me. The only option is to replace the patio surface with plant material and large rocks. It will be a pretty solution for my landscaping dilemma.

Can I reuse and makeover the flagstone?

That’s a great question. Up-cycling is a great movement in this country, keeping debris out of landfills. I can’t get rid of flagstone debris in my area. Many landfills in this country don’t accept construction waste anymore. Recycling is the only option. If you can’t dispose of construction debris in your area then you will have to get creative, like me. I will show you how to remove an old stone surface and replace it with something more attractive. You can re-use all the old dilapidated material and build an exceptional side project. Now all I receive are compliments on my yard. Prepare to be amazed!

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