Review of Black and Decker Blower Vac Mulch Tool

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A review of Black and Decker Blower Vac Mulch tool.

My review of Black and Decker Blower Vac Mulch tool shows this product in action around my yard. Does it work? Is it powerful? Is this tool worth having?  Will it eliminate debris from your yard? Is it heavy? Is it a piece of garbage? I will cue you in on the benefits and/or pitfalls of owning  this tool.

Many of you may own three separate tools to accomplish these tasks around your yard. That investment may come with a high price tag. This tool is sold at a reasonable price – provided that it does what it says.

Why would someone vacuum their yard?!

This is a great question. This tool should easily rid your yard of small leaves and twigs. Black and Decker is trying to eliminate the need for hand raking your yard. They may also hope to save your back.  It comes with a large bag that collects all of the debris accumulated by vacuuming. The bag comes with a strap that helps distribute the weight of the debris. It’s a good thought because who wants to bend over and pick up leaves?

The Black and Decker blower vac mulch tool doesn’t want you to!

If you want compost for your garden, this may be the right solution for you. My compost pile isn’t always convenient to where the yard debris falls. I have messy trees and shrubs all around my yard.  I have the option to either blow it out of the way or vacuum it up and place it elsewhere. It’s a nice option to have when you are trying to maintain a neat looking yard. So, is this tool making life easier for me? That is the ultimate question that needs answering in this review. I will try to answer all of your questions and get you on your way to the neatest looking lawn you’ve ever had.

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