Viyet the Online Furniture Consignment Store Review

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Viyet the online furniture consignment store review

Viyet the online furniture consignment store review is a must for viewing. Why? Who would ever buy consignment furniture online? You can’t touch the furniture or look inside. The construction of the piece may be poor or can be damaged. It may even have marks on the surface, not obvious from photos. It seems like a very bad idea. I agree with you!

Is an online furniture consignment store a good idea?

Recently, I purchased a furniture piece from Viyet the online furniture consignment store. I will share my entire experience with you and review the pitfalls associated with the process. If you want one-of-a-kind furniture in your home for a fraction of the cost, this may be your only option.  I am lucky to have several consignment stores locally but the one piece I wanted eluded me for six years. Let me repeat, six years! So, when this beautiful sideboard rolled across my computer screen, I HAD to have it! We all know what that feels like to find the perfect piece of furniture and this feeling was no exception.

I’m not holding anything back!

This site is full of high end, brand name items. You can also purchase lighting and accessories at a discount too. Many of the best interior designers in the world are represented on Viyet, through exclusive furniture, lighting or accessory lines. With credentials like that, all your doubt may fade away. Maybe you’re familiar with furniture brands because you read high end magazines, have a designer friend or have access to to an Interior Design Center. If not, do your homework before you buy. The high end items on the Viyet site are from designers, showrooms or personal collections. Make sure you know the brand and quality of the piece that you’re bidding on because that will determine price. Best yet, Viyet guarantees authenticity of every item offered on their site.

This is my story…

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