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3 Best Toilet Paper Origami Ideas

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Why not learn the 3 best toilet paper origami ideas today?

These 3 best toilet paper origami ideas are quick and easy to do. Each one takes about a minute or less. Let’s learn three ways to spruce up your powder room and impress your guests with simple toilet paper folding techniques. Each time I invite guests to my home, I have this quick project on my list of things-to-do before they arrive. It’s one of the extra special things that I do to make friends feel welcome and well cared for.

Are these toilet paper origami ideas a serious project?

Many people may chuckle at my attention to detail but it’s a reflection of how passionate I am about decoration and design. Each bathroom roll gets folded into a different style, depending upon the decor of the room. I try to fold the rolls in a style that compliments a design motif in that space. Some folds are sharp and crisp, some are curved and flowing, so you can choose whatever style compliments your bathroom. The three styles presented here compliment most bathroom spaces and make a great presentation in the room, regardless of your personal style.

The 3 best toilet paper origami ideas never looked so good!

Over time, I will teach you many different folding techniques for fabulous toilet paper presentations. Different toilet paper brands have a variety of patterns stamped on them and contribute to the overall design of the folds. Remarkably, some patterns enhance the design even more. The thickness of the individual sheets also contribute to the crispness of the folds. Some brands are better to use than others. So, experiment with whatever brand you have on hand and practice folding your toilet paper whenever you happen to be in the bathroom. Honestly, what else are you doing while you’re just sitting there? Let’s have some fun!


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