My Video Review of The Curtiss Hotel Buffalo

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Here is my video review of the Curtiss Hotel Buffalo.

My video review of the Curtiss Hotel Buffalo may shock you! Can a boutique hotel in downtown Buffalo really save the city? I’m sure that’s what renovators are hoping for. With many cities in crisis all over the United States, it’s shocking that wealthy investors want to put their cash into propping up markets that have seen better days. The Curtiss Hotel is built inside of the renovated historic landmark Harlow C. Curtiss building located at 210 Franklin Street in Downtown Buffalo, NY. It has recently opened its 68 luxurious, high-tech rooms after a $24,000,000 renovation.

Is the Curtiss hotel Buffalo a destination?

The Curtiss hotel is only 20 miles away from Niagara Falls , one of the largest tourist areas in the Northeast. For me, it’s an easy two hour drive from my hometown of Syracuse, New York. The hotel is easily accessible by the New York State Thruway system and offers view of lake Erie from it’s rooftop lounge. It’s in the heart of the city with easy access to its convention center, green spaces, restaurants, and waterfront. In other words, there’s plenty see and do.

Do they have their act together a mere month after their soft opening?

The Curtiss Hotel is a top notch renovation that has left no corner untouched. Dream Designs & More is responsible for the interior design of this building and has done an exceptional job of bringing life to the posh interior. Beauty aside, it’s really the staff that sets a hotel property apart from it’s competition and this hotel is no exception. Were they as polished as the hotel itself or did they detract from my experience? I will tell you what to expect and how to prepare for your stay. You will know EXACTLY how it went.

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