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Simple and Elegant Three Tier Wedding Cake

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Is a simple and elegant three tier wedding cake really simple to make?

My video tutorial will teach you how to make a simple and elegant three tier wedding cake. You can join me in making my very first wedding cake for my Nephew’s wedding. I will show you exactly how to assemble and decorate this beautiful cake from start to finish. All you need are a few basic tools and you are on your way to presenting a show-stopping wedding cake!

Only three things can go wrong with a cake.

The three things are temperature, humidity, and transportation – all of which I had to deal with! Even though I’m not a professional pastry chef, I’ve made well over a hundred cakes in my lifetime. This is the first time that all three problems presented themselves. In my experience, if you frost a frozen cake, you will never have issues with layers splitting or breaking apart.  Never assemble a cake on a hot or humid day, without air conditioning. This will affect the quality and consistency of your icing and make the job miserable for you. The cake may even fall apart. If you are traveling near or far with the cake, it helps to have a second person in the car to keep an eye on the cake. Most importantly, go SLOW!

My simple three tier wedding cake holds up!

I will show you how to prepare for a worst case scenario. With proper assembly, your cake won’t fall apart. I use appropriate infrastructure to prevent the cake from sliding and a type of icing that is resistant to heat, perfect for a cake that has to sit outside all day. This cake was displayed and cut outdoors and held up just perfectly throughout the entire event. If you’re not dealing with all three pitfalls, your job just got a whole lot easier and either way, you can make a cake just like this and be a success!



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