How to Make and Sew a Round Tablecloth

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I will show you how to make and sew a round tablecloth.

If you want to learn how to make and sew a round tablecloth for your home, this video will make your job easy. We see this type of tablecloth used in many different situations, covering a corner, foyer, or dining room table.  It can make a great themed party addition too, depending on the color and pattern you choose. It can make a great cover for a reading and dining table in the corner of your master bedroom (like I did here) or it can cover an temporary dining table for the holidays.

Cover an ugly table!

Use a round tablecloth to hide a hand-me-down table that doesn’t match your decor. This tablecloth can also buy you time, in between redecorating your home. A round wood table top is readily available at your local home improvement store for little money. Simply set it on top of an existing end table and you have an instant surface to accept a decorator round tablecloth. You can also have glass cut in a diameter to place on top and make this surface easy to clean. A friend suggested purchasing an aluminum garbage can as a base, for instant storage possibilities.

Make and sew a round tablecloth in two hours.

This is an easy project for a beginner because you don’t need fancy machinery for this. I am using basic sewing room tools throughout the project. You will learn how to measure your project and purchase the correct amount of fabric and how pattern effects that measurement. If you choose a patterned fabric, you will also learn how to match the pattern for a seamless look.  If hemming on a curve scares you, you will be able to achieve a flat and beautifully pressed hem, just like the pros. More importantly, you can complete this project in just a couple of hours!

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