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Attach a Round Scrub Brush to Your Drill

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Why attach a round scrub brush to your drill?

Don’t you want to attach a round scrub brush to your drill and make cleaning easy? Your hard surfaces will never be cleaner if you follow my advice in this video. This is the ultimate scrub brush hack. We’ve all seen these on TV and wondered just how powerful or long-lasting they are. I don’t think any of them are as inexpensive, last as long and are more powerful than mine.

You’re going to kick yourself for not doing this years ago…

We all hate the idea of having to clean the hard surfaces around our kitchens and baths. The grout between tile seems to be the dirtiest part of my clean-up chores. Over my lifetime, I’m certain that I’ve spent several days hand scrubbing these surfaces endlessly. This power tool hack is going to help give me more time for fun and less time for work. Who doesn’t deserve that? If you don’t own a cordless drill, run out and get one now. Not only will it help you with this project but it is the most useful tool you can own for completing most household tasks. A Cordless drill comes with a heavy duty battery pack that can last for several hours. You can also purchase extra battery packs for your drill so that you never have to stop half way through a project or before you’re finished.

This is the best round scrub brush hack!

You also need to purchase the correct scrub brush. If you can’t find one like I have, then make sure that it is completely round. You don’t want this scrub brush out of balance because it will be hard for you to control once the power is turned on. Also, don’t let the drill come in direct contact with running water because you can harm both yourself and the drill. Safety first!

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