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How to Decorate a Jungle Safari Cake

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Learn how to decorate a jungle safari cake.

If you have a special boy in your life that loves animals, you can learn how to decorate a jungle safari cake for him. That’s what I did for my little nephew’s first birthday. GG’s room is full of  safari animals, so what better theme to choose for his big day? This cake has several animals applied to to outside decoration and they are all made out of fondant. The entire cake is edible art!

It looks hard, doesn’t it?

We have all had practice making clay or Playdough shapes in our childhood. This cake requires no more skill than that to accomplish forming all of the shapes necessary to complete the cake. Patience is key and that quality will help you through the entire process. Anyone can make this cake. The cake can be baked in advance and decorated over the course of two days so that it’s not overwhelming. This cake took me nine hours to make, from start to finish and I worked on it at a reasonable pace.

The best jungle safari cake tutorial!

You do need some specialty tools to design and decorate the fondant animals, all of which I will show you. A starter fondant kit will be necessary to purchase in order to roll and cut the animal shapes, while pastry bags finish up the rest of the decor. I will take you through the entire process, from making sugar animals, stacking a two tier cake, covering it with fondant and adding royal icing embellishments. You may purchase fondant at the store to make your job easier. My recipe for royal icing is so simple that you’ll have a batch done in no time. Is this time consuming? Yes, but you’ll be creating a lifetime of memories that makes the whole process a joy!

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