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How to Easily Deep Clean Your Stove Top

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Do you ever wonder how to easily deep clean your stove top?

If you want to learn how to easily deep clean your stove top without much effort, look no further! I have a tried and true method for removing grease and grime from grates, burners, vents and wells. Whether you own a gas OR electric range or glass cook top, I can help you achieve great results.  Please remember, if you have a pilot light on your range or cook top, you MUST turn it off!

Safety first!

We all think that the home cook is forced to live with a greasy, grimy cooking surface. No matter how much wiping and scrubbing we do, we can’t seem to get down to that new looking surface that we fell in love with. Worse yet, I know home owners that NEVER cook in their kitchens because they don’t want their stoves to get dirty! Where is the value in that? Spending so much money for high end appliances and then never using them?!

Most of us only think about the appearance of our cooking surfaces when we’re expecting company. We tend to use a critical eye when the holidays are approaching or we’re about to host a dinner party. Family and friends can forgive us for not deep cleaning our cook tops but why ask for forgiveness when the solution is so simple?

Can you easily deep clean your stove top?

Yes! This is an easy solution that takes very little effort. And only a few simple supplies will get the job done. If it’s the night before you’re hosting a party, you still have time to deep clean yours.  So, grab your favorite gravy recipe because after viewing this video, you’re going to want to make a complete mess of your stove top!

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