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Learn to Paint a Metallic Pearl Faux Finish

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Do you want to learn to paint a metallic pearl faux finish?

Learn to paint a metallic pearl faux finish on peg board. Why peg board? I want it to resemble stainless steel panels for our garage space. Nothing goes together like cars and stainless steel. I’m getting closer to having a dreamy garage just by applying this beautiful paint finish!

I usually can’t find what I’m looking for.

That statement comes out of my mouth more often than I would like it to. I have a hard time finding the products that fit into my designs so I am usually forced to create them through DIY projects. If I’m lucky enough to find exactly what I’m looking for, it’s usually way out of my budget. The solution? I make the item myself so that I get what I want, at the price that I’m willing to pay. You can do this too, if you follow along with my instruction.

This metallic pearl finish is usually marketed to cover walls in interior spaces of your home. I’m thinking outside the box with this and covering items such as peg board, outlet covers and a sprinkler box. I want these items to blend into the background of the garage and become a backdrop for all of our important tools. A silver color is the perfect choice for making these items relate to one another and make a cohesive wall statement.

This metallic pearl faux finish couldn’t be easier!

If you would like to apply this faux finish to an interior wall, there are additional color choices that blend perfectly with interior decor – albeit modern or traditional. It’s a subtle, layered finish that can be easily applied to large surfaces without the noticeable start and stop lines caused by prior methods. Valspar has figured out the perfect paint formula for making this paint application a success every time. Let’s see how easy it is to learn to paint a metallic pearl faux finish…

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