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Decorate an Eggnog and Gingerbread Christmas Cake

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You can easily decorate an eggnog and gingerbread Christmas cake.

Learn how to decorate an eggnog and gingerbread Christmas cake. Fall is in the air and the holidays are almost here. It’s time for spice cake and holiday decorations! I make this cake every autumn or winter. The ingredients are a celebration of Autumnal spices and holiday scents. You can plan well in advance to make this cake for your holiday celebrations. I include recipes for the cake and the icing at the end of the video – so stay tuned until the very end.

This is the easiest way to decorate a Christmas cake!

Look for my gingerbread cookie recipe on the website (in the future) too. My gingerbread recipe is soft, thick and easy to work with. If you don’t have time to bake a batch of gingerbread cookies on your own, feel free to use your local bakery for this purpose. The holidays can get stressful, so any way you make them easier is fine by me! Anyway, the real star of this incredible looking dessert is the spiced chocolate eggnog cake. Underneath a bed of eggnog buttercream, this four layer cake is moist and flavorful.

You can bake this eggnog and gingerbread Christmas cake in advance.

Why? The flavors need to sit and become more complex over time. I always freeze my cakes before icing them because they are much easier to frost when they are stiff. With this cake, it’s a two-for-one benefit. It’s easier to frost while becoming more flavorful. I bake and decorate my cake over the course of three days – a little work here and a little work there. I know you will find this tasty cake a worthwhile addition to your holiday baking and hope you experiment with different cookie cutter shapes to match your holiday theme.


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