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Idea for Decorating Large Walls Using Panel Moulding

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You will love my best idea for decorating large walls using panel moulding.

If you’re looking for an idea for decorating large walls using panel moulding, this week’s Pearl of Wisdom has you covered! I will show you how the process is done. My project has been finished for a few years but there’s still plenty to take away from this mini tutorial. I show you how to make cuts for perfect picture frame corners and chair rail corners. Panel moldings make a huge impact in the largest of rooms – just think of Versailles! this isn’t a complete project video but it will teach you everything necessary to get your project done.

Panel moulding is a cheap solution.

A few hundred dollars is all it takes. Panel and chair rail mouldings can be found in unpainted pine (the least expensive wood species). You can prime and paint them to match your wall color or paint them a contrasting color to make them stand out. If you don’t own power tools, you can cut all your angles in a hand-held miter box and nail the moulding directly to your walls with a hammer.  I also give you the best tip on how to install the molding ANYWHERE on the wall! That’s right, NO need to use a temperamental stud finding tool.

Are large walls still driving you crazy?

I call this wall treatment ‘instant architecture’. Chair rail and panel mouldings have a way of catching light and adding dimension to spaces. It’s pretty to look at with sunshine casting shadows on it or candlelight flickering over it. I think this treatment is appropriate in every room in the house and elevates the way you feel in that that space. It just makes the space feel rich!

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