My Review of Phifer Pet Screen Fabric

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Here is my review of Phifer pet screen fabric.

If you own pets, check out my review of Phifer pet screen fabric. This is one of the best pet-related product reviews you’ll ever see! I’m doing a side-by-side comparison of Phifer pet screen versus ordinary window screen.  The results are astounding! Are you struggling to get your cat or dog to stop climbing, scratching or pressing on your screened-in surfaces? I have three cats that like to climb the screen walls in our screened-in porch. The screens are full of claw holes and they’re sagging.

My screens are a safety hazard!

If you have doors, windows or walls made out of screen material, you can benefit from the safety feature that this screen material can provide. Not only do I now have it installed throughout my porch but I’m working on all the doors and windows in the house. The thick material that you will see in the video creates a strong and tight installation when you use the proper spline diameter. Spline is a stretchy rubber material that comes on a spool. It is responsible for creating perfectly stretched screening when installed in the perimeter groove that is present on all window and door screen frames.

Does Pfifer pet screen fabric work?

My cat Kensie is performing the test today. She is a nine pound cat that loves to climb and chase after bugs. Our regular screening is full of small holes from her claws. Her weight causes the screen to sag every time she climbs. Small bugs can now enter through the screen. We are concerned that she may actually claw her (and her two siblings’) way out of the house. Since the screen replacement, none of the cats care to climb the screens anymore. It may have something to do with the new feel of the screen material. I can’t guarantee the same results for you but after this kitty demonstration, you will be sold on Phifer pet screen fabric either way!

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