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How to Design and Fold Towels Like a Hotel

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Learn how to design and fold towels like a hotel.

Do you know how to design and fold towels like a hotel? If not, I have three easy techniques to share with you that are quick, easy and fun. As I get ready for a holiday party, I’m showing you three bathrooms that have very different towel arrangements. This is something that you can do at the last minute (like I am here) and will it impress all of your holiday guests. Who doesn’t want a simple last-minute project that all your guest can admire?

Each technique takes only about a minute to do!

It’s true! I’m showing you (on the spot) how each towel arrangement is folded. I imagine that you won’t have access to large counter top surfaces because most bathrooms are too tiny. If you need a large surface to work on, then fold all of your large bath towels to the correct sizes and carry them in to your space. Otherwise, join me and we’ll make use of the space we’re given. The folding techniques that I present in this video are fairly forgiving and you can fluff them out after they are secured in place.

Add embellishments when you design and fold towels.

I am using embellishments to enhance the look of my towel folds. You can use your own creativity and add greenery, berries or flowers to your arrangements. I also suggest using bows, tassels and cording if you’d like a designer look year round. If you have birthdays or other special occasions, switch out the embellishments for an appropriate accessory. Don’t forget about the towels themselves. It makes a difference in the appearance of the towel folds whether you use thin, thick, plain or patterned towels.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. Have fun with it!


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