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14 Ways to Decorate One Christmas Cookie

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I am teaching you 14 ways to decorate one Christmas cookie.

Join me for 14 ways to decorate one Christmas cookie. You can get recipes for my sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe on my website. However, you don’t need a cookie cutter for this baking project. If you have a rotary pizza cutter or pastry wheel, you can make these cookies. It’s so nice to be able to make one basic sugar cookie and decorate each one a bit differently. It cuts down on rolling and cutting time, making the process easier and more efficient.

It’s easier to decorate one Christmas cookie.

Christmas 2017 will mark the first time that I give away product to my lucky web site subscribers! Two loyal subscribers will receive twenty cookies each, just in time for Christmas. They will receive one or two (each) of the following designs: standing snowman, Santa, candy cane, indoor tree, nutcracker, reindeer, ho ho ho, mistletoe, holly, Santa suit, snowman, outdoor tree, peppermints, and snowflakes. You can choose to make one version or all fourteen for your family and friends too. I’m using muted tones for the icing colors and adding tinted sugars for embellishment.

Since every Christmas cookie is rectangular, they’re easy to pack.

If you send Christmas cookies across town or around the world, you know how hard it is to pack odd-sized cookies. Since all the cookies here are the same shape and dimension, shipping will be a breeze! They look nice and neat on a rectangular platter or square dish. They stay fresh for over a week and they taste good too. What a wonderful thing to receive as a gift. So plan accordingly because you still have plenty of time bake and decorate these adorable, unusual, artistic little treats. Santa and his reindeer will thank you!

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