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How to Hack Your Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser

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I am showing you how to hack your kitchen sink soap dispenser.

Would you like to know how to hack your kitchen sink soap dispenser to make it more convenient to fill? I have an easy solution that most homeowners wish they did a long time ago. Counter-mounted soap dispensers are an attractive way to keep hand and dish soap conveniently close to the sink. The pump portion of the dispenser is available in many styles and finishes that coordinate with whatever kitchen faucet you currently have. My style choice has clean, modern lines but blends easily with my kitchen decor.

Are you tired of re-filling your built-in soap dispenser?

The soap container that comes with the built-in soap pump is so TINY, you can refill it almost weekly. When I refill my built-in kitchen soap dispenser, I have two choices: I can fill it from the top or fill it from underneath the sink. When I fill it from the top I always make a mess because the stream of soap is difficult to keep centered on the hole. The soap finds its way all over the counter and I have a mess to clean. If I try to use a funnel, I can’t see the level of the soap and the soap overflows the container and spills out all over. If I try to fill it from underneath the sink, I have to pull everything out of the sink cabinet, crawl in and wedge my hand into the tiny space allotted for the container. No choice is ideal – until now!

You will have a seemingly endless supply of soap!

You need a large container of hand or dish soap and about $3.00 worth of materials. If you only do one thing to make life easier in your kitchen, this is the one! No special tools required.

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