Review of Mr Grip Screw Hole Repair Kit

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My Review of Mr Grip Screw Hole Repair Kit

Watch my review of Mr Grip screw hole repair kit. Do you have a screw that just won’t tighten anymore? I do. I have a hinge that’s falling off one of my doors. The culprit is the screw hole underneath the hinge. All three screw holes are worn and stripped so none of the screws are tight anymore. I temporarily fixed it with longer screws but that hasn’t permanently fixed the problem either. Most of the force of the heavy door is pressing on that hinge and causing it to become loose over time.

Easy fix screw hole repair kit?

Traditionally, I use a toothpick (or five, in this case) and Elmer’s Glue to fill the void in the screw hole. I pound the correct amount of toothpicks into the hole along with the Elmer’s glue and wait for it to dry. At that point, I can insert the proper size screw and the whole toothpick concoction will compress into the sides of the screw hole and make a nice sturdy fix. In this case, I’m concerned about the force and motion on the hinge so I feel like the toothpick trick will only last a short period of time.

Review of Mr. grip a fail?

Instead of inserting wooden toothpicks into the holes, I am inserting Woodmate’s Mr. Grip metal strips. The metal strips have steel teeth that “grip with amazing strength”, according to the package. This product package is less than three dollars and has several metal strips included. Perfect to have on hand for a few household repairs – OR IS IT? Mr. Grip is supposed to work on wood, metal and plastic. “Including furniture, LOOSE HINGES, knobs, tools, pots and pans, HOLLOW doors, walls and ceilings, cement and aluminum.”

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