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How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

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Do you know how to make perfect hard boiled eggs?

I’m going to show you how to make perfect hard boiled eggs. Life 101 is my brand new category that will teach you the best way to do all the basics of life. There’s no better way to introduce this category than to show you how to boil eggs (assuming you know how to boil water)! Think of this category as everything your Mother or Grandmother should have taught you. Maybe you already have a rough idea or stumble through may of these projects right now but I’m going to show you the BEST way to accomplish all the basics of life.

Your teacher never taught you how to boil eggs like this!

Home economics is a class of the past. Traditionally, you would learn how to boil eggs in grade school, along with many other useful life skills. Over time, I’ll show you everything they would have taught, using modern conveniences. Today, I am teaching you how to make the perfect hard boiled eggs. If you ever struggle with trying to get the perfect level of hardness (from soft to hard) you will learn the EASIEST way to control that level. Each any every egg will turn out exactly the way you like to eat them.

I have 2 how to secrets…

Give me five minutes of your time and you will make perfect hard boiled eggs from now on. You only need 2 items in your kitchen to help you make this process effortless. They are both inexpensive items that everyone can afford. I may argue that you CAN’T afford not to have them in your kitchen. So, what kind of eggs do I start with? I always try for organic and local varieties but this method works for any type you like to purchase. Let’s start with a saucepan of water…

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