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Master The Easy Art of Napkin Folding

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Learn how to master the easy art of napkin folding.

This video will show you how to master the easy art of napkin folding. You can set a gorgeous dinner table for your next party if you learn how to fold your cloth napkins in a pretty way. Many of us have beautiful linens stashed away in the back of our dining room cabinets that have never seen the light of day. We tend not to use them because we’re afraid that they will get stained and be destroyed. I have a solution for that too so don’t let that be a reason not to start using them for your next dinner party.

Napkin folding so fashionable.

Everyone wants a gorgeous table setting, especially when it comes to special occasions. Cloth napkins elevate your your tablescape and enhance the look of china and flatware. Please don’t give your guests paper napkins at a formal event. They will definitely detract from the fine look that you are trying to achieve. Guests appreciate the extra effort you put into making their dining experience extra special. Best yet, this arts and crafts project is quick and easy – but it won’t look that way!

You can master the easy art of napkin folding!

I will introduce you to the Clam shell and the Lotus Flower. I will fold them using different fabrics so that you can see exactly what I mean. No unusual tools are being used for the demonstration today. You probably already have everything you need to perfectly fold napkins for your next party. Cloth napkins are still available at your local department store and online. Best yet, use your Grandmother’s old linens for a trip down memory lane. This isn’t old fashion, it’s high fashion! Join me and I will show you how to make cloth napkins relevant again.

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