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Best Outdoor Christmas Decorating Idea with Reindeer

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My Best Outdoor Christmas decorating idea with reindeer!

Do you want the best outdoor Christmas decorating idea with reindeer? I’m showing you how my animated reindeer are assembled and displayed. See these adorable animated creatures in the setting of my backyard. Many of us in the Northern part of the United States have to cover our swimming pools during the Winter months. It makes for a drab looking scene out our windows to the backyard! I’m assembling outdoor wicker-look reindeer to blend in with the natural look of the outdoors and put festive cheer where, ordinarily, there isn’t any.

Yes- I went there!

It’s taken me over twenty years to purchase a pair of reindeer. Why? They’re more of an investment than I wanted to make and my husband isn’t  fan. Sometimes you have to do things just to prove your spouse wrong! I think  these decorations can be attractive if they’re placed in the right setting. Purchasing the right color and style is key. The more natural (looking) the materials, the better you will be in making artificial reindeer look appropriate in an outdoor setting.

This is a great Christmas decorating idea!

I would rather look at lively lawn ornaments with happy twinkle lights than a dingy pile of dirt. Wouldn’t you? This situation occurs every Winter and I’m finally fixing the problem. Honestly, this is an area that only my family, friends and I get to see so why not? This pair of reindeer look like they’re happily munching away at some living vegetation and taking a moment to look around. It reminds me of the promise of Spring . You must stay tuned until the end because the best part of the display doesn’t have anything to do with the reindeer at all.

Stay tuned- My creative twist occurs at the end of this video!

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