My Shark Steam Mop Honest Customer Review

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My Shark Steam Mop honest customer review is informative.

My Shark Steam Mop honest customer review will either have you running to the store or staying far away from this product. I will demonstrate the Shark Steam Mop in my home and you can see for yourself if this is the right product for you. This is the mop that uses the power of water to clean and sanitize your flooring surfaces. The internal heating element heats the water hot and then sends steam directly to the mop head.

Will the Shark steam mop ruin your floors?

That’s a great question. When I use my shark steam mop on wood flooring, I tend to move quickly around the room. Most of my wood floors need cleaning because of dust, water spots or footprints. I don’t use this mop to deep clean my flooring surfaces. There is a non-toxic and biodegradable cleanser that comes with the unit (the company claims that it’s not necessary to clean your floors) and I have used it on occasion to release small bits of debris from the surface of the wood floor. Due to the high temperature of the unit, I am afraid to leave it too long on any one spot. If I’m cleaning tile surfaces, I can hover over a spot for a few seconds and it won’t ruin the tile.

Does the mop generate enough steam?

A product like the Shark steam mop should make cleaning easier or more manageable than using a bucket and sponge mop. The addition of heat and steam should make the end result much cleaner. Does this mop live up to all the hype? You can watch me demonstrate this mop in my basement and see for yourself. Does this product get a ‘Yay’ or a ‘Nay’?



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