How to make a Throw Pillow With Fringe

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I will show you how to make a throw pillow with fringe.

Would you love to know how to make a throw pillow with fringe for your bed or sofa? You can easily make one for yourself! I will show you how easy it is to make a custom throw pillow for your bed or sofa and achieve professional results. This video contains all the tips and tricks for your success. You can be a beginner sewer and make a pillow that looks like you bought it from a designer. In fact, I sold many pillows like this to many of my clients when I had my design business. If you make a pillow like this, it won’t be nearly as expensive but look exactly the same.

But there are so many throw pillows in the store!

I buy throw pillows from the store too but only when there is something so special about the fabric or trim that I don’t think I can find and duplicate. The great thing about making a throw pillow with fringe is that you can CUSTOMIZE it to your decor. I can make a pillow like this in any size imaginable, for any purpose imaginable. There are thousands of choices and combinations that will fit into your room perfectly, without having to compromise on size or style. Brush fringe is the perfect addition to the design of the fabric that I’m using because it is multi-colored to blend with all the fabric colors, softens the square edges nicely and gives the pillow a more romantic touch.

A throw pillow with fringe looks like a designer accessory.

The pillows that I’m making in this video are being used as decorative bed pillows, as a backdrop for smaller pillows. They are very comfortable to lay on because I chose the right pillow form. I will show you how to choose the correct size form for your pillow, regardless of size.  Follow my tips and you can make comfortable and professional looking pillows too.

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