How to Make a Board Mounted Window Valance

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Here’s how to make a board mounted window valance.

Do you want to know how to make a board mounted window valance? You can save hundreds of dollars if you do. I will show you my process for making this pretty treatment. I make this with a custom pattern and I will show you how to make one too. You can make the pattern to any length, width or depth, depending upon the dimensions of your window. I test my pattern on the window for a few days to see if I like the proportions before I move forward.

It seems time consuming!

It may look like a time consuming project but it really isn’t. You can complete this project in a weekend. I break everything down into small pieces so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You can easily do this if you follow along and take one step at a time. If you give up a little of your time, you will prove to yourself that the sacrifice is worth it.

Can you learn how to make a board mounted window valance?

You will learn how to cut fabric for this treatment based on the pattern motif (if there is one) and center it on your pattern so that if the treatment is made in multiples, they all look the same. I will show you great sewing techniques that ensure the treatment lays nice and flat once you staple it to a board. You can watch me as I cover cording with matching fabric, which is a beautiful finishing touch. I will share my secrets for successfully cutting the board to your exact dimensions and finally, stapling the fabric to that board. You will avoid pitfalls that even professionals make when assembling window treatments for their clients. Get ready to make a gorgeous, custom window treatment for your home, at a fraction of the cost!



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