How to Reupholster an Ottoman with Piping

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This is how to reupholster an ottoman with piping.

If you want to know how to reupholster an ottoman with piping, this video is for you. I am tackling this project (for a second time) because  my ottoman looks tired and it’s starting to rip at one seam. This ottoman gets daily use from our animals and is in need of a make-over. The cat loves to use it as a scratching post when we’re not around so I need to make sure to use durable upholstery fabric for replacement. You will search out appropriate fabric choices for your project too. Just remember, drapery fabrics are pretty but don’t hold up to daily use.

This is an easy beginner upholstery project.

In addition to a sewing machine, you need a few specialty tools to complete this project. I show what tools to use and how to use them to pull the fabric off of the furniture. Measuring for the new fabric is always the most intimidating part of any upholstery project. There are great guidelines online but I will show you how I measure for this ottoman. Once I have my fabric off of the piece, it’s easy to see how to make patterns out of the old fabric pieces. I discuss nap of the fabric:





  1. the raised fibres of velvet or similar cloth
  2. the direction in which these fibres lie when smoothed down

This definition will help you determine if you need to purchase additional yardage to accommodate for nap on your piece. It’s easier than you think. Anyone can do a upholstery project like this. It doesn’t take talent or artistry, it just takes determination and patience. You will be surprised how easy this project is and once you finish, you’ll have the confidence to tackle larger projects.

An ottoman with piping can be used in almost any room in the house.


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