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How to Make Halloween GingerDEAD Men Cookies

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I’m teaching you how to make Halloween gingerDEAD men cookies today.

If you want to know how to make Halloween gingerDEAD men cookies, this video is for you! This is a fun project for the whole family. I show you how to roll, bake and decorate these cute little creatures for your Halloween festivities. They an adorable addition to your party table, where they’ll be gone as quick as you can say “Boo!’. I make these every year for the Halloween because they are easy to make. You can do this too because I will show you just how simple they are to make.

Did I say EASY gingerDEAD men cookies?

Yes! I’m using a special cookie cutter from a company called FRED. This cookie cutter is the key to making the cookies so easy to decorate. In fact, even a child can decorate them and have the cookie look like it came out of your local bakery case. I show you how to correctly manipulate the cookie cutter so that you have perfectly shaped bones on all of your gingerDEAD men. From there, all you need is a perfectly whipped batch of royal icing to finish the job.

It all starts with the perfect gingerbread recipe.

I try different recipes for gingerbread when I see unusual ingredients being used because it may lead to perfecting my old fashioned recipe. None of my trials have come close to the recipe that I provide you. Why mess with perfection? Keep watching until the end of the video or click the link here to view who’s recipe I use! I can’t take credit for the recipe but I will take credit for the beautiful results it provides.  The cookies bake perfectly every time and produce the best tasting gingerbread cookies on the planet – guaranteed! Follow me for step-by-step instructions…




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