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How to Decorate a Holiday Chandelier for Christmas

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I’ll show you how to decorate a holiday chandelier for Christmas.

Do you want to learn how to decorate a holiday chandelier for Christmas? I’m decorating my kitchen chandelier but this is also wonderful to do in a dining room space. You can choose to make this as fancy or casual as you want, just by choosing the appropriate ornaments. I’ve chosen to bridge the gap between casual and fancy. Typically, most kitchens don’t have room for full fledged trees so this is a great way to bring high impact Christmas decor into a room with little space.

Learn how to decorate a holiday chandelier inexpensively!

You only need a few items to get the job done. I am using fifty plastic ornaments in mine. Not only are plastic ornaments unbreakable but they are also lightweight and cheap to purchase. Glass ornaments need to be left aside for your tree because you don’t want anything to break or fall into your food. Speaking of safety, please turn off all electrical power to your light fixture before attempting this project. That means to turn off the breaker in your electrical box (usually in your garage or basement). You will be placing items with metal wire around your chandelier and don’t want to risk electrocution! Also, make sure that your light fixture is properly secured to the ceiling before you begin.

This is a quick project for Christmas too.

This is the perfect last minute holiday decorating project. You can complete the entire project in approximately thirty minutes. The key is to have all of your ornament hooks readily available. That seems to be the biggest hold-up whenever I’m placing ornaments on greenery. Once you’ve got all the decorations in place, you will receive so many compliments and everyone will ask how it’its done. They’ll never know just how simple it was to do!

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