How to Reupholster a Sofa Part 2 of 3

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How to Reupholster a Sofa Part 2 of 3.

Continue learning how to reupholster a sofa part 2 of 3. My second video will teach you everything  you need to know about sewing upholstery. Generally, it’s the most intimidating part of an upholstery project. I will take the intimidation away and break things down into manageable pieces. It helps to mark all pieces that you pull off the piece. Make extra notes if you have to and video any confusing areas that may bog you down.

We’re in the sewing room today.

I have a heavy duty sewing machine for this portion of the project. Is a heavy duty machine necessary? Prior to purchasing my upholstery machine, I used a regular machine. I double stitched all areas and I didn’t have problems with lightly used furniture. However, you may run into issues with the seat cushions if you have a heavily used sofa. My suggestion is that you can perform all sewing tasks with your regular machine if you are using the sofa in a gently used room. If you have heavy wear and tear, take the seat cushions to an upholsterer and they will be happy to sew the cushions for you.

Straight stitching is the way to a beautiful sofa!

I can’t stress enough that most of what I’m performing in this video is simple, straight stitching. I’m not sure why people are intimidated by curves (there are a few) but I will show you how to follow the fabric edges for beautiful results. You will see exactly how the pattern pieces are prepped and get sewn together. I am sharing tips for lining the pattern pieces up and making sure the sofa won’t look askew.


Find out how I condense a giant pile of pattern pieces into a handful of manageable sofa components.




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