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Cocktail Napkin Presentation: How to Spin and Stack

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Cocktail napkin presentation: How to spin and stack

My video of cocktail napkin presentation: how to spin and stack will astound you! Are you always searching for different ways to decorate a party table or bar? Specifically, if you wonder how to present cocktail napkins in a pretty and easy way, this video is for you. You probably already have everything you need to produce the most attractive presentation for cocktail napkins.

Even guys like to spin and stack!

If you can’t get your husband to help with party prep, this project will have them running to help you out. I don’t know why men like to do this other than it’s quick and easy to do, so it’s instant gratification. This is perfect for teenagers too because they can use a combination of their school colors to use at school bake sales, pep rallies and high school graduations. This is also a festive way to present hors d’oeuvres at fancy cocktail parties or formal weddings, just insert the proper color combination and you’re ready for festivities. I use cocktail napkins in pink or blue at baby showers to accompany pretty cookies and cupcakes. Best yet, stacking cocktail napkins takes up very little space on a buffet where space is at a premium.

This cocktail napkin presentation is a caterer’s secret.

Do you have a diverse group of friends with different interests? They may be nice enough to give you their latest and greatest professional tips. I always keep my ears and eyes open for great part decorating ideas. This is one of the best tips I’ve ever been given and I’m sharing it with you. So, join me as I prep for a party and show you how to look like a professional party planner. Your friends will be impressed an your beverages will thank you.


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