How to Quickly and Easily Install or Lay sod

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My DIY tip of the day is how to quickly and easily install or lay sod.

In this video, I will show you how to quickly and easily install or lay sod. I know how time consuming it is to plant grass seed and wait for it to grow.  This project is all about supplying you with an instant lawn. No more waiting for grass to grow and have weeds take over instead. If you have an area of your yard that is an eyesore, this project is the ultimate cover-up treatment! This is a quick process that will have you enjoying your lemonade again in no time.

It’s an instant lawn!

There are many reasons why we plant grass seed. I have done numerous spot repairs over the years due to damage from winter plowing. When we are facing small projects we tend to think of grass repairs in terms of just grabbing a bag of grass seed and getting on with it. I would like to change your perspective on this job and offer another solution – an instant lawn. Who wouldn’t want that?

The alternative is called sod and it is available at most big box stores, making this solution incredibly convenient. Most small garden supply stores carry sod and large sod farms sell directly to the consumer. Sod is mature grass attached directly to an inch (or so) of topsoil. It is cut in lengths of 2×6 (approx.) and can be cut easily with a simple tool that you already own. You can have this product delivered if you need several pieces or you can easily fit three to four in the trunk of your car.

Quickly and easily install or lay sod in an hour.

I have personally helped install five, quarter-acre yards in my lifetime. This is the fastest way to achieve perfect results and it’s not as pricey as you think.  Best yet, the results are stunning!

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