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Best Commode Toilet and Powder Room Storage Ideas

Renee Romeo233 views

Are you looking for the best commode toilet and powder room storage ideas?

My best commode toilet and powder room storage ideas are pretty solutions to all your storage problems! This is perhaps the smallest room in your house that needs the most amount of storage space. I am showing you how to squeeze the most storage into this tiny room without breaking the bank. My solutions will have your space looking beautiful and stylish too. The secret is keeping things simple, tidy and (mostly) hidden.

Am I talking about built-in storage or purchased organizers?

Shelving is very important for storage in a tiny space, especially this space. Over the toilet organizers are a great idea but don’t offer the ability to expand in height or width. Organizers built for this purpose are available in standard widths and heights and don’t allow you take advantage of ALL your space. I will have you looking to fill every square inch of space in your commode, toilet or powder room.

Do my powder room storage ideas require special tools?

Yes and no. You will need simple tools to fashion shelving like I have in mine. If you don’t want to have built-in shelving, there are different choices to consider that are equally attractive. This project doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. You will be able to implement my ideas in a weekend and have your commode room completely transformed. Your books and magazines will have attractive homes and you will get to re-purpose a bar item that you haven’t used in a while. Seriously!

You will never run out of toilet paper again!

I’m offering the best possible answer for this common problem. All of your toiletry items will be at your fingertips, while remaining neatly organized and well-hidden. There’s no solution better than that!


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