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Last Minute Women’s DIY Victorian Ghost Costume

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Do you want to make a last minute women’s DIY Victorian ghost costume?

I am making a last minute women’s DIY Victorian ghost costume. This costume needs to be fast and easy because I only have an hour and a half to prepare the costume before I need to leave for the Halloween party. This year, I’m caught off guard! I know, I’m usually such a planner. It doesn’t seem possible but it happens to the best of us! I will show you how to put together a show-stopping costume in (almost) no time.

Did I really do this in hour and a half?

If I omit my shopping time (which was also pretty quick), it’s possible to put this look together that quickly. To be fair, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and every time I shop throughout the year, I have Halloween costumes in mind. So, I always shop the sale racks at clothing stores for women’s (and men’s) fashions. I have an eighteen inch section of clothes in my closet that I use only for this purpose. It’s a good practice because you never know what you may need and I try to choose my Halloween clothing pieces for versatility. My budget is always twenty dollars or less.

This Victorian ghost costume is going to be the best at the party!

One friend calls this costume awesome AND awful. It’s such a wonderful compliment! Most of the items are store bought, which is something that I try to avoid because I usually prefer to sew my costumes. Sewing my own outfits allows me to use better quality fabrics and that usually leads to better looking costumes. I can’t do that this time because I only have a few hours to dedicate to the task. You can absolutely do this and get the same professional looking results for your own Halloween costume. I have but one request – please share your photos…

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