My Customer Review of Howard Restor A Finish

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My customer review of Howard Restor A Finish is honest.

Here is my customer review of Howard Restor A Finish. This product intends to restore furniture finishes without stripping, in one easy step. Many of us have furniture in our homes right now in need of re-finishing. Most of us that do, either cover up the surfaces completely or try to strategically hide scratches and scuffs with nic-nacs. I’m using this product on my desk that I use every day. Not only is it full of scratches from my three cats but it has hazing on the finish from spilled water. I will show you how well Restor A Finish works on my problem desk surface.


Well, we’ll see about that. The can claims to restore color to faded wood finishes, blend out scratches and blemishes, and remove white heat rings. I don’t have white heat rings. The only white rings I know of are caused by a water glass left on top of a finished wood surface for too long. I guess I’ll have to try that portion when I’m silly enough to make that mistake. Until then, I demonstrate the first two claims on my desk table top because they happen to be issues for me at the moment.

See Howard Restor A finish for yourself!

I’m only using a couple special items to demonstrate the usefulness of this product. You should protect your hands and clothing from Restor A Finish because it is a tinted liquid that can damage fabrics and stain skin. It is also a good idea to use this product when you are able to open windows because it also produces harmful vapors. So, I will guide you step-by-step and show you my true results. Do I love this product? Does it do what it says it does? Please watch and see.



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