How to reupholster or recover a Parsons chair

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This video shows how to reupholster or recover a Parsons chair.

If you’d like to know how to reupholster or recover a Parsons chair, this tutorial is for you. I’m breaking this project down so that you can watch me complete the job from start to finish.  I don’t leave anything out or leave you guessing. If you have a Parsons chair (or similar style chair) in need of new upholstery, a little time and patience will have your piece looking like new.

How hard is it to recover a arson’s chair?

I think anyone can do this project and get the same professional results as me. The only specialty tools you need are a staple gun and a sewing machine. You should already have the rest of the items on hand. I show you how to measure for new fabric and lay out all the pattern pieces on the fabric. The simplest thing to do is to choose fabric without a pattern because you can eliminate the need to match pattern motifs throughout the project. I am using upholstery weight velvet, embellished with a tiny stripe. The stripe actually makes this project easier to align on the chair frame. If you watch the video in its entirety, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Is it expensive to do?

I am reupholstering two parsons chairs that don’t require work on the frame or replacement of foam backing. If you are only in need of fabric, then that is your only costly expense. Upholstery fabric can be purchased for only a few dollars a yard to hundreds, depending on what you choose to use. My two chairs needed four and a half yards of fabric and cost me only sixty dollars to purchase.  If you’re new to this, it’s a great inexpensive attempt at reupholstering furniture around your home that won’t break the piggy bank!


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