How to Reupholster a Bar Stool Seat

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I will teach you how to reupholster a bar stool seat.

This video addresses how to reupholster a bar stool seat. I like to call this video step two in the journey of learning the nuances of upholstery. You may wish to start with ‘How to reupholster a simple footstool‘  and then view this tutorial. Here, I show you how to sew a straight line and then introduce how to sew on a curve. Don’t worry. I break the process down into manageable steps and show you EXACTLY how I reupholstered all SIX of mine.

It’s an incredible bar stool seat transformation!

I have to confess that I would rather buy the appropriate bar stool – with the right styling, comfort, luxurious fabric and price point. This combination is usually elusive to me and I find myself taking things apart time and time again to get exactly what I want. It’s how I manage to infuse designer features into my interior spaces without paying designer prices. Let’s face it, you don’t have to purchase a bunch of fabric to recover a bar stool so you’re allowed to splurge a little. I am using a high quality velvet fabric with a luxurious touch.

See the before and after at the end of the video.

I invest only one hour of time per bar stool. It seems incredible that I can finish all six stools in one single day. If you follow along with me, you can expect similar results. I don’t use fancy tools. You should have all the equipment you need in your tool chest. Many of you have asked about my heavy duty sewing machine. I don’t believe it’s a must for completing this project. I have sewn many upholstery projects together with my household machine – it just takes a technique that I share with you in the middle of the video.

Your new bar stool is only an hour away…

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