How to Install a Ductless Island Range Hood

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I’m showing you how to install a ductless island range hood.

Do you know how to install a ductless island range hood? I didn’t think so! That’s why I’m showing you how easy it is to get a designer dream kitchen with this wonderful appliance. This hood is made specifically for instances where you don’t have access to outside venting. While venting to the outdoors is ALWAYS preferred, it’s not always practical. In my case, I have over 40 feet to run duct work to get it to reach the outside. The longer the run, the less effective the hood will be at moving air and heat away from the range.

One of the only large ductless island range hoods in the industry.

I finally found a range hood from ProLine that accommodates my 48 inch wide range. Best yet, I can install it WITH or without a vent to the outdoors. The hood can also install on ceilings from 7 -12 feet tall, with additional flue segments. It is the quietest hood that moves air at 330 to 1100 cubic feet per minute. That’s a LOT of air flow! Since mine doesn’t vent to the outside, it acts as an air purifier instead. Two powerful fans can pull the air through carbon filters and pump it back into the room through two vents in the flue.

It’s literally just hanging from the ceiling!

Once you locate and hang the hood bracket, it’s a very straight forward installation. If you’ve ever hung a microwave with a recirculating vent, this install is easier! You only need a few tools for the installation and you probably already have them in your tool box. I will take the mystery out of this range hood installation and have you cooking a gourmet meal in no time. Say goodbye to lingering food odors!

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