How to Revive and Refinish Your Deck Surfaces

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Do you want to know how to revive and refinish your deck surfaces?

Let me show you how to revive and refinish your deck surfaces. This process will completely transform all your decking surfaces. This method involves stripping and sanding all the deck surfaces. I will refinish all the decking, railings, stairs and posts on my deck and you can watch me as I work. It may seem like a daunting task that won’t go very well for you but I’m here to prove that logic wrong. I will take you through the process of removing stain and finish from my decking materials, while showing you how possible the job can be.

How long will it take to revive and refinish?

Each step of the deck stripping process doesn’t take very long. Truthfully, there are many steps to perform before you can re-stain the deck to look like new, but you can perform these tasks whenever you have a spare hour, or so. It’s nice to break a large job up into small, manageable pieces when you have a lot of real estate to cover. I’m getting through it, just like you will. I share all pitfalls and concerns along the way that will make your project a success too. I have helpful tips and tricks too.

Your deck surfaces have never been in better hands!

I will share how to choose the right tools, products and finishes for the job. You may need to purchase a few specialty tools and products to get the job done. There are many stripping agents on the market and I will share my favorite choice with you. I will also rent a floor sander to remove the old stain and coating from my floor surface.  Yes, this is a time consuming project but the end results are stunning and worth every minute.

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