Make an Open Pole Empire Valance Swag

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Learn to make an open pole Empire valance swag today.

This instructional video highlights me, as I make an open pole empire valance swag. It looks (and sounds) awfully complicated but I assure you that if you follow along, you can do it!  This is the one window treatment style that I always get compliments on as I take guests through a tour of my home. I have made these in every width, simply by adding or subtracting swags. Most fabrics are suitable for this style because of the way the fabric is cut – it will automatically drape into beautiful folds. I have used this treatment in Living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms and bedrooms. It looks beautiful on both large and small windows. You can also play with the depth of the swag, depending upon the height of your ceiling. One thing that you need to forget is the idea of draping one continuous piece of fabric over a pole!

This is a no-no!

You will NEVER be able to achieve the same look, no matter how hard you try. It may be the reason why you are reading this right now – you currently have something like it hanging over one of your windows that you’re unhappy with. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you! Please don’t get intimidated by the process. This treatment is cut in many pieces, then sewn together one by one. So, please don’t waste time trying to get one continuous piece of fabric to look like this because it is not possible! I will take you through measuring, conceptualizing, cutting, constructing, sewing and hanging this sumptuous window treatment. So, with me at your side, you can be successful fabricating this beautiful work of art.

An open pole Empire valance swag is the only way to go.

The extra effort pays off to give you a luxurious window topper that you will love for many years to come!

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