How to Install or Hang Upper Wall Cabinets

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I will show you how to install or hang upper wall cabinets.

If you’d like to know how to install or hang upper wall cabinets, I am here to teach you. Typically, upper wall cabinets are hung in kitchens and laundry rooms. Today, I’m installing mine in the garage. I currently have a sink below the space where the cabinets will hang. I will cover Proper positioning for the new cabinets so that they look visually pleasing and so that people don’t bump their heads. There are industry standards that govern wall cabinet placement and I will cover that, as well.

Can I install or hang upper wall cabinets alone?

I will show you the secret to installing wall cabinets alone but I do have the help from my father today. He was around and it always makes the job easier to secure the first screw if there are more than two hands. Think safety! Some wall cabinets can be large and heavy, so don’t take the chance if you you don’t have to. I only required a few minutes of his time and then I finished the job by myself.

You can too!

What do you need for this job? Wall cabinets in whatever size is necessary, a few simple tools and the proper fasteners to make a secure installation. I will take you through my project, step-by-step, and explain what I’m doing so that you can apply my methods to your own job. You will quickly and easily have storage behind closed doors. This is a must in a garage space where items quickly pile up and become eye sores. After you see my results, I will have you planning your next wall cabinetry project and your results will be just as good as mine. Best yet, this is an easy DIY project.

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