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Easy Royal Icing Recipe for Sugar Cookies

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Here is an easy royal icing recipe for sugar cookies.

Do you want to learn how to make an easy royal icing recipe for sugar cookies? Would you like to know how to make designer cookies? Are you paying exorbitant prices for beautifully made treats? Royal icing is the solution to applying beautiful decoration to your home made sweets. This decorator icing will give you professional results every time. Your work will be as beautiful as the work at your local bakery.

Decorate your sugar cookies with this simple royal icing recipe.

I will take you through the simple process of making royal icing. Join me as I assemble and mix this delicious cookie frosting. This video will teach you how to make bright white royal icing. You can add different flavorings to the icing, depending on taste. You can use vanilla, caramel, Sicilian, and almond flavoring to add a different flavor profile to your cookies. I also use this recipe to frost gingerbread cookies.

Stop right there!

Don’t just mix powdered sugar and water together in a bowl and call it a day. This recipe is so quick and easy to do. It is the ultimate game-changer for all sweets that come out of your kitchen. This recipe is what I also use to pipe decorations on cakes. It’s consistency is so smooth and satiny looking, you’d swear it came out of an over-processed factory. This is simply NOT the case. All you need are four simple ingredients to make the best looking sugar cookies EVER! Best yet, this icing is slow drying, which means that it remains soft and sticky for quite a while. It’s a benefit that allows you the time to add sugar decorations and embellishments to the top of the cookie icing, without having to rush the process. No more rushing to get things to complete your cookie design before the icing dries. So, relax, take your time and make the prettiest cookies you’ve ever made.


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