My Custom Made and Embroidered Apron by Droolist

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A review: My custom made and embroidered apron by Droolist

My custom made and embroidered apron by Droolist is to die for! What is Droolist? It is a small batch sewing store on Etsy that produces some of the most drool-worthy items on the site. The owner, Britta Watters (yes, that’s her real name…), makes an array of fine, fashionable and functional items for everyone in your family to wear.

My custom made apron came from where?

Britta has a son that became an extreme ‘droolist’ while cutting his teeth:

(Noun. 1. drooler – a person who dribbles; “that baby is a dribbler; he needs a bib” slobberer, dribbler, driveller.)

The problem is, normal bibs don’t do a good enough job to alleviate the problem! Many outfit changes later, Britta started experimenting with her own version of an extreme bib and ‘Droolist’ was born. Fortunately for other Moms out there, she systematically adds to her product line by offering baby gear, bonnets, caps, clothing, christening gowns, diaper gift sets, burp cloths, tooth fairy pillows and the list goes on. Her specialty and passion lies with her line of items for special needs kids and elderly adults. She is a true problem solver and maker of one-of-a-kind items that make life easier for everyone. Once you’re in her system, she keeps your custom made pattern on hand so that repeat orders are easy. As an upgrade, she will gift wrap your items too!

Droolist has a 5 star rating on Etsy!

Previous customers talk about the success of their collaborative effort to have Britta make the perfect custom made item for them. I know Britta personally and I trust in her taste and judgement so I wanted to be surprised with my first purchase. I couldn’t be happier with my one-of-a-kind apron that I wear during my kitchen segments, a la Droolist!


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